Sister Lakes Southern Railroad

An westbound through freight growls through Parma, Michigan, on its way from Detroit to Battle Creek. The farming community features a supply store, oil dealer and co-op.
The Parma-Albion Turn is waiting for a westbound freight to pass before it heads out of Jackson.
Sister Lakes Southern coil train is traveling through Jackson on it's way back from switching out Albion.
This westbound freight enters double-track territory as it passes between parts of the Jiffy Mix complex in Chelsea. The prototype tracks do the same.
The Ann Arbor Railroad local works industries at the end of the line in its namesake city. When finished, the RS-1 will shove cars onto the SLS interchange track.
The SLS Auto Turn gets ready to work the Ford truck plant complex in Wayne. It will exchange six empties for six loaded boxcars, and then head over to the Ford car assembly plant.
A view of Wayne Junction, with the passenger train passing the tower. The SLS crosses the C&O at the junction. Note the “forest” of semaphores!
The Marathon Oil Co. refinery in Wayne generates a lot of tanker traffic for the SLS.
The Auto Plant Turn delivers parts to the Ford Assembly Plant in Wayne. This turn is a separate train from the auto turn. With east and west doors and in-plant spots, switch crews can stay busy for quite a while.
An SLS local crosses the river at Dearborn as it heads back to the main yard in Detroit. 
The Fort Street industrial area gets three separate turns during the day: the Fort Street local, the Barge Turn (across the river to Canada) and a Coil Train Turn.
The sprawling Detroit Yard features five through tracks and separate east-end and west-end switch crews.
The freight engine facility operator is responsible for servicing motive power which has finished a run, and getting units to the ready track when the train is called.
The M.U.T. passenger terminal requires a fulltime switcher to handle the passenger trains which begin their runs or terminate near downtown Detroit.
M.U.T. has its own engine facility so steam locomotives and A-B sets of F units can be quickly turned and readied for their outbound assignments.
The massive Rouge steel plant can keep one or more operators busy. Using an in-plant switcher, crews feed the plant's appetite for raw materials like iron ore and send coke to a nearby processing plant. 
The SLS developed some former property of Rouge Steel into the River Rouge Industrial park. If you enjoy switching assignments, sign up for the Rouge Industrial job.
Duane Henry is the SLS’ electrical wizard, signal specialist, repairman and jack of all trades. He’s also the owner of the layout, Tomar Industries, Utah Pacific, AM Models, Alexander Scale Models & Stewart Products.

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