Sunset Valley - Oregon Division

Here is an overview of the city Ashland which is just south of Grandts Pass, Oregon. The lower level is the Coos Bay Branch with Reedsport seen in this picture.
If you ever saw the original Sunset Valley you would know that this came from his old layout.  Still a master piece, and also a great spot to railfan near Cow Creek Canyon.
Bruce is known for his CTC system and of coarse you didn't think he would do anything different.  With three dispatcher panels on the layout this would be the SV Oregon Division. The other two include, Coos Bay and all other connecting roads.
You are looking at Eugene yard from the north end. Eugene is a major yard as you can see complete with turntable and is also the connecting point with the SP&S at the south end.
A great railfanning spot along the SV is Grandts Pass located near Ashland, Oregon.  Grandts Pass is also near Rogue River Junction which is a Sunset Valley Branch Line that takes you to Crescent City, CA. 
Heading north on SV mainline near Grave Creek  #415 has a high green just outside Grandts Pass.
Here is a great view of what you can do below your garage with a little planning.  On the left is Grandts Pass and on the right is Ashland. Below on the right (lower level) is Reedsport which is part of the Coos Bay Branch.
Looking at some of the scenery you can see Grave Creek on the upper level with Sisuslaw River draw bridge #1 on the lower level. Below (very bottom) you can see the throat to Seattle staging known as Devern Junction.
Chubb's layout wouldn't be complete with out the layout going through or around his bathroom would it? A great area to take a pit stop along the SV is Jefferson, Oregon.
What would the SV be with out passenger trains, seen here is one of many well known passenger trains. This passenger train has just arrived at the East Portland station.
Another picture under the garage is the Wolf Creek Viaduct located just north of Grandts Pass. Seen in the upper corner is a rock quarry located on the SV Branch Line.
Here is another angle of the rock quarry with two of  several bridges that have been built along the SV Line.
Give me a nickel and I'll give you a Riddle.  Located here in Riddle, OR is the interchange for Hanna Nickel Mine.
I waited and waited for a train to pass with no luck! Located at Cow Creek Canyon you can see a deer down by the river if you look close enough.
I'll give you a free NMRA button if you can guess who this man is? (just kidding) This is the one and only Jim Thompson also known as the "Connecting Roads Dispatcher" today.
This scene is located below Roseburg Forest Products on the Coos Bay Branch between Swisshome and Vaughn Station. 
A well known spot along the Sunset Valley is Siskiyou were Wall Creek Viaduct is located. Another great spot to watch trains is Coos Bay located under the garage.
Seen here at Wall Creek Viaduct a passenger train has just completed an air check heading toward Ashland,Oregon.
The lounge room is a great place to wait for your train near Eugene yard. A local freight is crossing Willamette River Crossing,  SP&S main is in the forground behind the SV main. 
What better place to find Bruce than in front of his CTC panel / SP dispatcher area.

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