Derailment on 10/22/04

 The derailment happened at Bad Eye curve, GATX #57256 luckily stayed on the tracks... it was filled with LP gas!
ELFX #90205 was one of several MTYS on the front of the train.
CSX officials are looking over the situation to make sure everything is safe.
Looking at the derailment you can see one of the few remaining old cast iron whistle sign.
There were about seven or eight cars that derailed on the head end of the train including this center beam car.
Now you know why they call this Bad Eye curve looking at the tank car on it's side.
Another view of the tank car on it's side looking south.
This was a northbound freight that was waiting on a southbound to pass.
The lead units pull back by the derailment to look at the damage while talking to dispatch in Jacksonville, FL.
After all is well and they couple back up to the rest of the train they head on into Dante to terminate for the night.

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