Haysi, Virginia 

The 2003 Santa Train arrives in Haysi as it crosses Hills Mill Bridge.

CSX #212 is passing where Crooked Branch Tipple was once located, fully loaded it's all down hill now!
Another view of CSX #212 the Greenbrier Turn coming off the Haysi Branch.

CSX #201 exiting Russell Tunnel and ready to enter McClure Tunnel.
CSX #156 seen here crossing Hills Mill bridge at milepost 10.3 just north of Haysi, VA.

Begin Pittco Manual Block on the Haysi Branch.

Looking North toward Russell Tunnel on the right you can see the turnout for the Haysi Branch.

Dennis Reedy's cabeese located in the heart of Haysi.



The golden spike for the Haysi Railroad was driven on February 1970 with the completion of the track work of a 5.6 mile branch line up Russell Prater creek.  The Greenbriar turn served the Haysi Railroad coal operation called out of Dante yard.  The former Clinchfield Railroad F7B #852 retired on 4/70 and the B-unit was then sold to the Haysi Railroad on 4/6/72. Equipped with radio controls & painted yellow with black end stripes it was ready for service.

The Tipples included:

RUAL    H - 2.0    2652'
CROOKED BRANCH    H - 2.8    2685'
RUTH (Siding)    H - 3.5    2533'
PITTCO    H - 4.2    3921'

This is Prater Creek Bridge #4 heading toward Pittco.
Haysi # 1 (A-end / engineer side) seen here at the end of the Haysi Branch.
Haysi # 1 (B-end / fireman's side) in need of a paint job.
A last look at the controls of the  B-unit on the Haysi Branch.
The GP-7 is Clinchfield Coal #923, ex SAL 1743,  retired by SCL on 9/4/85. The geep was to help the old B-unit.
This is Rual Tipple at milepost H- 2.0.
Rual was the first tipple heading up the Haysi Branch.
Rual Tipple was for sale but has since been demolished.
The wench is seen here to move the hopper cars.
Crooked Branch tipple was the second loader on the Haysi Branch.  (Photo courtesy: Robert A. Helm)
Pittco Tipple operates still with a Alco S-2, which you can see in the distance at MP# H- 4.2.
Pittco Tipple also known as the Greenbrier Tipple was at the end of the Haysi Branch.

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