Kingsport, Tennessee

Local crew switching Kingsport yard, I'm sure they'll be glad to get that one serviced.
Waiting on a clear signal at Carter yard located at 96.0 milepost.
A close up of the "Spirit of Nashville" CSX #789 located in Carter yard.
Aerial view of the "Spirit of Nashville" crossing South Fork Holston River Bridge.
Local switching out the AFG plant crossing Lincoln St. near Tennessee Eastman.
Yard power is setting idle close to Kingsport yard office.
Looking East at the Weyerhaeuser yard with CSX power setting idle on the team track.
CSX #407 is leading a NB time freight through Colonial Heights area.
CSX #8020 seems to have ran a point and derailed or they couldn't get the switch thrown.
CSX #2526 is doing it's daily work switching cars in Kingsport, TN
CSX #268 has a high green heading south ready to duck through Holston Tunnel #33.
On the north side of Kingsport CSX #410 is passing 92.0 milepost.
Switching Willamette Industries which use to be Mead Paper back in Clinchfield days.
Waiting for Santa to arrive CSX #7900 was ready to get out of town.
Yellow Dog is ready to finish up the day with brother and sister as the power CSX #8019/8020.
CSX #57 crossing North Fork Holston River Bridge just northwest of Kingsport.
Northbound MTYS exiting South Fork Holston tunnel.
Norfolk Southern power heading toward Frisco, TN through Kingsport yard.
Norfolk Southern almost always has a pair of units idling near Eastman in Kingsport.

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