2012 CSX Santa Train

Special Guest: Thompson Square

This year marked the 70th year in operation for the Santa Train.

Special thanks to Chris Anderson, Ron Flanary, Doyle Massey and Samuel Phillips for contributing their photos.

The 2012 CSX Santa Train has started....SANTA SEES YA! This years celebrity guest was Thompson Square, they won CMA award for Top Vocal Duo of the year.

Throwing candy and toys in Marrowbone, KY Crossing the old C&O bridge across Russell Fork as it arrives in Elkhorn City, KY

Elkhorn City has a nice turn out as the train pulls past the Elkhorn City Railroad Museum Crossing over Pool Point Bridge entering Breaks Interstate Park

The 2012 CSX Santa Train crossing Skaggs Hole Bridge in Towers, VA Santa Train arrives in Haysi, VA

Exiting Sykes Mill Tunnel arriving in Clinchco, VA As the train passes the crowd the crew wave at the crowd in Clinchco, VA

Clinchco is the 4th stop along the 110 miles route to Kingsport, TN Santa and his helpers are passing out a small portion of the 15-Tons of candy and toys along the route.

Santa and his helpers tossing candy and toys off the 2012 CSX Santa Train in Clinchco, VA Santa has his eye on someone in Clinchco, VA

Departing Clinchco, VA heading across First McClure Bridge The 2012 CSX Santa Train just departed Clinchco, VA as Santa does a little dance and waves.
Heading around the curve arriving in Fremont, VA Fremont had a great turn out as the train arrives

Entering Caney Fork Tunnel located in McClure, VA Exiting Martin Tunnel at MP# 30

The 2012 CSX Santa Train arrives in Dante, VA As the Santa Train departs Dante, VA a little boy is waiting to see Santa on the rear of the train.

Santa and Thompson Square passing out candy and toys. Keifer & Shawna (Thompson Square) having a blast in Dante, VA

One of the largest crowds is always located at Dante, VA Just departing Dante heading through the once active engine facility and yard at Dante, VA

Passing through the s-curve in Sun, VA, one of many along this route Running along Lick Creek located in Hamlin, VA

Crossing over Hwy 270 the Santa Train arrives in St Paul, VA A child attempts to catch the stuffed animal that Santa tosses to them in St Paul, VA.
Check out Thompson Square on facebook - Click Here! The boys and girls are all ready for Santa in St Paul, VA
Santa has finished up in St. Paul as the trains departs, next stop Dungannon, VA The 2012 CSX Santa Train heads around Osborne Curve just north of downtown Dungannon, VA
Heading through the straights at Hardwood, VA Santa waves as the crew get ready for the next stop.
The Veterans Memorial Hwy runs along the tracks just north of Fort Blackmore, VA The 2012 CSX Santa Train arrives in Fort Blackmore, VA
The railfans take advantage of the overpass to snap the shot at Fort Blackmore, VA The 2012 CSX Santa Train exits Twin Tunnel at Hill, VA
Santa and the crew wave as the train heads toward it's next stop at Kermit, TN. As the train passes through Hill, VA you can see the rock slide detection fence.
The 2012 CSX Santa Train rolls along the edge of the mountain known as the "Bluffs" Santa and the crew wave as they are about to head into Clinchport Tunnel
The 2012 CSX Santa Train crossing Copper Creek Viaduct. The 2012 CSX Santa Train glides across Copper Creek Viaduct almost 1500' long and 167' tall
Crossing over Copper Creek you can see NS mainline below Crossing over Hwy 23-58 and ready to enter Clinch Mountain Tunnel
The 2012 CSX Santa Train heads through the curve at Winegar, VA One last stop just ahead in Waycross before it heads into Kingsport, TN.
Crossing North Fork Holston River Bridge located in Kingsport, TN The 2012 CSX Santa Train arrives in Kingsport, TN.
The 2012 CSX Santa Train comes to an end as Santa departed at the depot in Kingsport, TN. After 110 miles this years trip comes to a close with all the guys meeting in Kingsport, TN.

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